Corincraft Aphrodite Aromid Room Freshener

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Occasions Home & Giftware are delighted to introduce the Corincraft Natural Fragrance Collection. This Natural Hand Made Aromatherapy Aromid Room Freshener by Corincraft is a special room freshner designed to fragrance your home in the most natural way possible. Just take the Aromid (Aroma Pyramid) out of its packaging and place anywhere in the home and enjoy the popular aphrodite aroma, which resembles men's aftershave. In the shape of the great pyramids, the marbled black and white look gives it a uniquly stylish appearance. Hand made in Sussex from a natural plaster material which retains and dispenses fragrance for long periods without the risk of oil or wax spillages which come with diffusers and candles, these room freshners are truly unique way to fragrance your home. This jar lasts up to 3 months at which point it can be refreshed with 2-3 cupfuls of Corinfresh Aphrodite Refresher oil. Aromid Room Freshners are a flame free, spillage free, organic alternative to candles and diffusers, and would make the perfect gift for anyone looking to fragrance the home. The size of this product is spproximately 7.0cm x 7.0cm x 7.0cm.